Brazil Tourist Visa

Consulate or Embasy Fee Varies according to Processing Time selected:
Application type Proccesing time * Embasy Fee TPS Fee Total
Consulate Fee 4 to 8 business days * $160 $325 $485
Consulate Fee 8 to 14 business days * $160 $260 $420
Consulate Fee 15 to 20 business days * $160 $130 $290
* Consulate or Embasy Processing time starts the day after upon receipt of your documents, excluding weekends & holidays.

The Brazilian Consulate only accepts U.S. Postal Money orders.
Brazil Tourist Visa


Apply for Brazil Visa Online.

Go to this link to apply for a Visa Online

Consulate Fee:

Include your Consulate Fee Money Order with your documents.

Original, signed United States passport:

with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
Note: Make shure your passport is in good condition,

Passport-type photograph:

2 (two)

Bank Statement.

Copy of the applicant's 3 most recent monthly bank statement showing proof of sufficient funds (at least $100 per day). The statement must clearly show the applicant's name as the account holder, the balances of the accounts, and the date of the statement.

Driver's license.

Copy of driver's license, state issued ID, or major utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage) for the most recent month, showing the applicant's name and current address.


A photocopy of round trip tickets or a letter signed by a travel agent with confirmed round trip tickets. Itinerary is not acceptable unless showing ticket numbers and that the ticket is paid for.

If you will be entering and/or exiting Brazil by LAND please submit:
• Ticketed flight itinerary showing flights into and out of the region.
• A letter addressed to the “Consulate of Brazil, Visa Section” explaining exactly how, when, and where you will be entering and leaving Brazil.
• A copy of your most recent monthly bank statement.

If you will be entering and/or exiting Brazil by SEA please submit:
• Official receipt or boarding pass from the Cruise line listing the applicant as a passenger and showing that the balance has been paid in full.
• Official daily port itinerary from the cruise line listing the applicant as a passenger and showing the port location for each day of the cruise.

Child Consent Form:

Additional required documents for minors (under 18): • Notarized application form. The form must be signed by both parents and the signatures must be NOTARIZED. Both signatures must fit inside the signature box. • Birth certificate. The applicant's ORIGINAL birth certificate. • Letter of consent. A NOTARIZED letter of consent form from the Miami Consulate, signed by both parents. • Polio vaccination. For applicants between the ages of 3 months and 6 years, a certificate of vaccination against Polio is required. If the child cannot be inoculated, please submit a notarized letter from the child's physician. NOTE: The processing time for minors can be extended by a week or more

Click on the following link for Consent form in Miami: Consent Form Miami.

Click on the following link for Consent form in New York: Consent Form New York.

Yellow Fever Vaccination.

If the applicant has traveled within the last 90 days to any of the Yellow Fever Countries an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever will be required.

Ship Documents to:

Important Note: Call us before submitting your documents.
1 (888) 343-1114,
Miami: (305) 812-4294

Ship to:
The Passport Station
5455 SW 8th Street Suite 220.
Miami, FL 33134

FedEx – Drop Off Locator
1 (888) 343-1114

Return Shipping or Provide Pre-paid Air Waybill

Add $70.00 return shipping fee (FedEx) for First Overnight

Add $50.00 return shipping fee (FedEx) for Saturday Overnight

Add $30.00 return shipping fee (FedEx) or provide pre-paid air waybill.